Sergio Medeiros

Pentester / Hacker
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I’m Sergio – Ex Sales Guy, turned obsessive hacker?

I’ve been in the fintech industry for almost 10 years, I made great money but I was waking up unhappy every day. Even though, I was blessed to be surrounded by senior leaders to help me grow personally and personally, I knew that sales was never something that would made me happy.

Since I was in high school, I loved hacking, and cyber security. I was absolutely obsessed, but unfortunately, never went down the path to validate my knowledge formally. Fast forward to present state, I’ve been sacrificing all of my free time in acquiring certifications in the infosec space. But not just any certs, I want to only gather certifications that are practical hands on exams.

Currently, I am a certified eJPT, eLearn Security Certified Junior Penetration Tester, as of 12/2021. Next on the list will be their eCPPT v2, then onto the PNPT by TCM-SEC to validate my knowledge around Active Directory. Last but not least, the coveted OSCP. My goal is to obtain all of these certifications by 2022. Lofty goals indeed.

I study by purchasing various different courses offered through the industry, along with being a VIP user on HackTheBox, TryHackMe and ProvingGrounds.

I am fully committed to making a career switch to something I truly love doing, which is penetration testing, and red teaming.

“I would love to be in an action movie. I’ve always wanted to play the hacker guy – like, the nerdy hacker guy who just gets yelled at.”

I’d love to connect, let’s grab coffee? Chat on the phone for 10-15 mins?